Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Bloggers Quilt Festival Edition

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Blogger's Quilt Festival ~ Fall 2014

I've quietly watched the Blogger's Quilt Festival for years while quietly sewing at home.   It's finally time to enter....

Yes.  I I've gathered up the confidence, so here goes.

In the Modern category, I'm entering this lovely wall quilt I completed after taking a class called "Make Mine Modern" with the lovely and talented Dawn Cavanaugh at MQX in Springfield just a few weeks ago.   

You see, for years, I thought I wasn't "following the rules" and was embarrassed that I never seemed to like to follow the directions. Once I found the Modern Quilt movement, and my guild, The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild (my tribe!!), I realized there were a lot of people who didn't always like to follow the rules.
Taking this class really allowed to me LET IT GO!  and do the kind of quilting I've always wanted to be, was kind of afraid to. 

getting ready to QUILT!

So when Dawn said "Make it Modern", well..... I DID!     And, I love how it turned out!

so here's a sneak peek of my favorite detail:
petaquilts: 2014

Since I really wanted to spend my time playing with the quilting, I didn't stray too far from the sample design provided for class. Thought I did take several groups of fabric, and stressed a little about which combo was best.    I love the way these colors work together.

This class also allowed to pull all the tricks and tools together to create the quilting I wanted.  Using both the blue (water) erasable pens, and the purple (air) erasable pens, I subdivided the negative space to provide many different sections to try out various free-motion designs.    SOme desings came from our class discussions, others from my own bag of tricks, and still others from the lectures I;d attended the previous day with Angela Walters.    Can you say FUN?!?

And so,,,,,here it is!   

Make it Modern ~ Peta's Way ~ 2014

Thanks for reading
 I hope you enjoyed hearing about my quilt!

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