Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring Clean Your a Studio Blog Hop

Here in Chicago, it seems like spring might have forgotten us, but today was - at least for a few minutes - glorious.  For the first time in about eight months.  I spent the day in my sewing studio.

When I heard that Cheryl Sleboda over at was hosting a spring cleaning blog hop, I knew I had to sign on. My sewing area had turned into a full on hotmess.   Several upgrades,  and a desire to expand my longarm to its full 12 feet created some urgency to get things under control. This blog hop was just the high-pressure deadline motivation I needed.

This project began as a serious uphill battle:

Yes: somewhere under there IS my long arm.  Crying.

And a brand spanking new Janome MCP 12000.  

My view from my sewing machine:  CHAOS.

impossible to find a thing
Seriously stressful to be here

So, obviously, it was time for something drastic: like expanding the long arm.  
Easy, peasy...right??

So a team of experts was brought in.   Everyone pitched in, even Genevieve the pug.

 And the Fairy Godmother of Quilting waved her magic wand (I mean days of backbreaking work, purging and reorganizing)....and....behold:
"Jerome" loves her new clean table by Tracy's Tables
Casters allow the long arm to be shifted depending on whether I need to work from the back or front
Cutting table by Tracy's Table is lowered for more room.
Whoa - there's room for a HUGE quilt

One leaf of my Tracy's table lifted for a small cutting area.


The devil is in the details:   IKEA Stugvik bathroom accessories keep small tools handy (L),   all my Aurilfil pretties nearby (C) and fabrics reorganized by color for easier design & access.  And I should probably mention that the long arm is the Avante by HandiQuilter on a Studio Frame.  (I love my HandiQuilter!!)  There *might* be some areas of the basement that still need some work, but this has been a huge improvement for me.    
It's a big struggle for me, but I was able to purge quite a bit to free up space.   I sold an old back up machine, and have my Pfaff 7570PCD listed for sale as well.   I'll be able to get a light machine for travel and retreats. 

But the most wonderful thing in my new studio, I did not even plan. It was a surprise Mother's Day gift from #2.   She DIY-ed it on her own, enlisting Honey's assistance and a few "trips to the Library" to get her supplies.    I love seeing it over my sewing station.

Grumbly outtakes:
Oh, I'm not supposed to be crawling around with a broken foot?

This makeover was exhausting, yet badly needed.   I'm really proud of adding the extension ourselves! I can't even believe this is MY studio as I look at these pictures.  There is some (possibly alot)  more work to do, but I can't wait to sew again!!

Please stop by and see all these wonderful quilters who are participating in the #Springcleanyourstudio Blog Hop. They have opened their studios  to give you a before and after look at their sewing spaces.    

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  1. I want to come and sew in your studio. Mine is a MESS!

  2. i like those IKEA bathroom thingees on the file cabinet - I am going to have to try that!!

  3. Sweet! Congrats on stretching out your long arm to the full twelve feet, and on wheels... you will be on a roll! Rock on Peta!

  4. Looks great! Congrats and hope the healing is fast on your foot.

  5. Great studio.Would love to sew with you.!