Friday, November 22, 2013

the one where my daughter kicked me off my longarm......

For me,  one of the special things about hand crafts is the inter-generational aspect.  Most crafters learn from their mother or grandmother, especially sewing and quilting.   Every quilter I've ever met has wonderful memories of learning their skills from an older friend or family member.

2007: Kid's Quilting challenge entry, age 7

I've made projects with my daughter since she was very small, and her enjoyment of quilting waxes and wanes.   At age 7, she loves the bright fabrics in a kid's quilt challenge.   She created the design, fussy cut and fused the central blocks and completed all the seams and quilting.  I helped through all the steps, drawing the line at the rotary cutter.

While she might not say much out loud about our work together, I can see all I need  when I look into her room and our quilts are prominently visible.   And on some days, that's not easy given her teenage idea of what "picked-up" really means.

When I first began to look at long arm machines, she was there with me. Even if she was only 3 feet tall.   She love to "drive" them at the shows and make squiggly lines.    So it should have come as no surprise that she'd essentially kick me off my machine while I was working on a practice piece.   I had plans for that piece, because like all quilters, no scrap shall go to waste.    But she wasn't very interested in MY plan.

2013,  age 13
And she took over the handles, and off she went.   So much for my plan.
 "Um, now what are we going to do with this?" I asked.   
 "A pillow mom, I want a pillow".  
"well, get sewing"  I said.   
 "I don't know how" she answered.  
 But really, she did.   After I cut a backing for her (yeah, still afraid she'd slice off a finger with the rotary cutter),  she sewed it together like a pro.



  1. Loved hearing about you teaching your daughter Peta, I love to sew with the kiddos, passing it on. The waxing and waning happens a lot and then I am stuck with the unfinished projects...but hey i just throw them in the containers with mine and forget about it...until i mention it here lol

  2. That's awesome!! I love hearing about kids wanting to sew. Allie has made a couple projects with me - mostly mug rugs for her grandma. :) My niece Katee has been sewing with me since she was 7 and now she's 13 - she's nearly a pro and fearless. I suppose I was that way at her age too. :)